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Paid Classified Ads Plug-in 

Why should you invest in a Classified Ads Plug-In when there are hundreds of free sites, offering this service, on the web? The answer is simple - Classified Ads are HOT.

The problem with the free sites is that the only traffic they are drawing is from people who want to place free ads. They are not drawing the buyers!

The few sites that offer 'paid for' classified ads may draw the buyers, but they do not guarantee any kind of return on the ad. These sites are not drawing the advertisers.

With this Plug-In YOU finally have the best of BOTH WORLDS. You will be drawing in the 'real' buyers that want to read the classified ads - AND - giving the advertisers a guarantee for their ad. Imagine the traffic this will bring to your web site. Traffic that wants to READ ads. Imagine the security the advertiser feels KNOWING they will get 100 / 200 / 300 or MORE clicks to their site!

BEST YET - your Classified Ads are available to EVERYONE who visits your web site! Not just members! Bring your program to the next level of success with Classified Ads!

Price*: $25.00 Purchase Now

*22% VAT (Value Added Tax) will be added to purchases made from European Union.

Admin area

Categories Manager - By default, Cash Crusader keywords (interests) will be used. Additional keywords can be added separately, and subcategorizes can also be added. You can easily remove cheat links (like "No English"). This allows you to customize the entire shopping experience.

Classified Ads Manager - Using tools you are already accustomed to, this is where the magic happens. The ads are created either with incentive or not (click amounts), in both cases members and non-member will be able to view the ad and click a link to the advertiser's web site. Each ad has a size, reward value, reward type (points or cash) and expiration period, in addition to the ad info (ad text, username..)

Settings - there are 5 classified ads sizes, ranging from 1/16 page, to full page, admin can pre-defined the maximum number of characters each type may have. When ordering a classified ad the advertiser is limited to this number of characters. Categories page width, and ads pages width can be defined on this section as well.

Member's area

Classifieds (Categories) : On this page, all pre-defined categories are displayed with the number of existing ads under each category. By clicking on a category name the visitor will be taken to a page where the ads are displayed. Navigation buttons appear to allow the user to go to next or previous ad pages. Under each ad 2 links appear to the same target; one for members - after clicking it will open in a new window and act like a normal paid to click link, the other link for non-members - will open in a new window without a timer.

Order Page : Separated order form from the normal order form of CC script, with a text (characters) reverse counter

  • Ease of use.
  • Fully automated. Once the ad is created by the admin in admin area of this plugin, the ad will be automatically displayed in its correct position, no need to know HTML or upload updated pages, ads are automatically ordered by size, larger ads are displayed first.
  • Accessable by both members and non-members of the ptr program.
  • Allows HTML ads
  • This plug-in automatically checks text limit when ordering an ad, each ad size can have max. number of characters, advertiser can watch the reverse counter while entering ad text if the counter shows 0, it means the ad text has reached its maximum limit, advertisers can either remove some words, or order a larger ad size.

User Area Username: demo | Password: demo
Admin Area Password: demo

Purchase Information
Price*: $25.00 Purchase Now

License: You may use this plug-in for one (1) website.

*22% VAT (Value Added Tax) will be added to purchases made from European Union.


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