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Member Booster Manager Plug-in 

We all know how PTR sites are struggling to get active members. Look no further, Cashplugins brings you yet another excellent product The Member Booster Manager, Check out its excellent and unique features in the description below.

Price*: $35.00 Purchase Now

*22% VAT (Value Added Tax) will be added to purchases made from European Union.


Many small ptr and newly established ptr sites have problems in attracting new members, a larger memberbase means more opportunities to sell ads, most newly established sites and small sites try to promote their programs in larger PTR sites, costing them lots of cash with unguaranteed results, in addition when advertising your ptr site at another ptr, it will give credit to the other ptr site advertised on.

This plugin will not only make it much easier and faster to attract new members, but also it will generate additional revenue source for the site through selling invitations,more info is below, members also would like to find a way to get more guaranteed referrals without losing lot of cash on advertising, guaranteed signups have proved that they can hurt the site by attracting many inactives who are interested in the signup reward only, and there have not been a way to watch it closely, members area looking for new ways to build a downline of only interested active people.. this plugin is for them as well, and you can earn more revenue for your site by selling them invitations that comes with a gift or an upgrade for their referrals.

How it Works. Examples

1- Admin set gifts offers, that will be used with an invitation link sent by members to their friends, relatives or even given away on forums, websites..

2- Invited members will sign up and get the free gift that comes with the invitation, gifts can be cash, points, free ad, monthly ad, free upgrade ..etc

3- To eleminate abuse and cheat, admin can control when the new invited member will get the free gift(s) or bonus(es) .. after how long from the signup date, admin can also set it to auto stop spammers from sending invitations.

4- Admin can give invitations to all members, or certain members, admin can also create custom invitations and offer them for sale.

5- Invited members will get their free gifts automatically, rewards can be given to members who sent successfully the biggest amount og invitations.

Benefits from using this plug-in
  • Increase membership by allowing members to send customized invitations, that comes with free gift to the invited member, and you gain all the benefits that comes from extra members such as better chances to sell ads.
  • Increase site revenue by selling customized invitations.
  • Reduce expenses on ads to promote the site.
  • Keep members purchasing power on your side instead of buying ads at other sites to promote their ref links, they can buy invitations and get guranteed active referrals.

User Area Username: demo | Password: demo
Admin Area Password: demo

Purchase Information
Price*: $35.00 Purchase Now

License: You may use this plug-in for one (1) website.

*22% VAT (Value Added Tax) will be added to purchases made from European Union.


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