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Sell / Buy Plug-in 

Cash Crusader scripts have two types of earning accounts; points and cash. Some members do not like points, and others like them so by adding this plug-in, members who do not like points will have the ability to sell their point earnings for cash to members who want them. Any sell or buy transaction is done with just one click, with no extra work for the admin. Admin is able to set their own commission made on each transaction by the members.

Price*: $25.00 Purchase Now

*22% VAT (Value Added Tax) will be added to purchases made from European Union.

  • Very easy to use! Sell n Buy transactions are done with just a click of a button and the seller and buyer do not have to contact for the deal to be done.
  • Secure and cheat proof! No one can sell if they do not own the points, and no member can buy if they don't have enough funds.
  • Everything is done automatically! Admin does not have to manually credit or debit accounts after each sell or buy transaction. No additional effort on the admin. Members can sell and buy without referring back to the admin and the admin just watch their commissions grow after each transaction.

Benefits from using this plug-in
  • Members have other ways to earn points, even if they have no down lines. They can trade points, for example, by buying points with cheap prices, and offer them for sale later when the average price is higher, or by purchasing large quantities, and selling them again with smaller quantities and higher prices.
  • More income for the admin! Admin can make revenue for the site even when there are no outside advertisers, by charging commission fees on each sell or buy transaction.
  • Best of all it's fun, exciting, and it means more site activity! Members will come to the site to check their offers, meaning more site visits, more page views, and more banner displays.

User Area Username: demo | Password: demo
Admin Area Password: demo

Purchase Information
Price*: $25.00 Purchase Now

License: You may use this plug-in for one (1) website.

*22% VAT (Value Added Tax) will be added to purchases made from European Union.


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