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Contest PTC Plug-in 

This plug-in will add a new paid to click section to your site, where you can set a number of clicks that is needed to give a prize randomly. All members who clicked on a link on this section will be entered in a draw to chose a winner when the number of clicks required is reached, a click here is like a raffle ticket, the more they click, the more chances they have to win the prize.

Price*: $12.00 Purchase Now

*22% VAT (Value Added Tax) will be added to purchases made from European Union.

Admin area

General Settings- Here the admin can set a new ad group specially for the contest paid to click plugin, all clicks on this ad group will be counted by the plugin, admin can also every how many clicks a winner will be chosen by filling the field "Choose winner every", the number entered in this field will be shown on the "contest paid to click section" each time a member click on a contest ptc banner or link, this number will decrease by one, until it reaches 0, then a winner will be chosen randonmly from all memebrs who clicked on the contest paid to click links (not the last clicker before resetting the counter), and the counter will be restarted to show the value in "Choose winner every" and so on, without stopping, the winner will be notified by email automatically, adn his/her username will be shown on the contest ptc section as the "Last Winner"

This plug-in will show live counter for the clicks needed before chosing a new winner, and for more excitement, when the amount of clicks required are near to be reached, the admin can choose to hide this counter and display a ( less than .. clicks required)

Prize Settings - Admin can set here what prize to be given to the lucky winner, it can be cash, points or something else, if the prize was in cash or points, the winner's account will be automatcally credited when the amount of clicks required is reached, if it wsa something differen than points or cash, a pre-set email will be automatically sent to the winner with instructions on how to claim his/her prize.

Show winners - Will display details about all winners, with the ability to search by winner username, date, and order by ascending, descending orders, and the max number of results to be shown on one page.

Member's area

This plug-in will add one new pages to member's area, "Contest PTC" (ptcontest.php )

On this page, contest ptc banners and links are displayed for memebrs to click on, each click on any of these ads will be counted towards the required amount required for selecting a winner, the username of the last winner will be displayed on the top of this page, and a life counter of number of clicks needed before chosing he next winner.

  • Ease of use. After doing the general setting and entering the prize details, the new contest ptc section is ready for use by memebers.
  • Fully automated. The admin doesn't have to pick a winner. After the number of clicks required has been reached, the plugin automatically and randomly chooses a winner, and an email is sent to the winner with a message you set letting them know they have won.
  • Ability to run unlimited number of contest ptc ads at the same time, any click on any of these ads will be counted.
  • Saves time and effort on admins, no need to start and announce a new contest ptc always, one contest, wil lbe running always, with the ability to change the prize whenever there is a need to change it.
  • Like in normal paid to click section, admin can determine how much time should pass before the same member is allowed to click onthe same banner/link again. ( Hours to lock ad after it is clicked)

User Area Username: demo | Password: demo
Admin Area Password: demo

Purchase Information
Price*: $12.00 Purchase Now

License: You may use this plug-in for one (1) website.

*22% VAT (Value Added Tax) will be added to purchases made from European Union.


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